Liquid Filter Bags

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We are leading suppliers of filter consumables and equipments to the general process industries like Lubricant Edible Oils, Inks & Dyes, Chemicals & Petrochemicals,Fertilizers & Petroleums, Paints & Powder Coating, Hot Melt & Waxes, Cement, Food & Dairy Products, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramic and Mortar, Glues & Adhesives, Resins, Flour Mills.

Customized filter bags with our wide selection of woven and non-woven fabrics coupled with our Conversion capabilities from stitching to welding technology, we can design and fabricate an infinite range of shapes, sizes and configurations to meet your unioque requirements.

KCTC Advanced Design

KCTC Bag Filter Vessels are designed, built, and stamped to meet core requirements in our won manufacturing facilities.


Polyloc Snap-Fit Bag Seal

The patented polyloc top on an KCTC filter bags creates a hermetic seal to prevent liquid bypass. Available on most bags, polyloc rings are available in polypropylene, polyester, and nylon materials.


Welded Seam Filter Bags

This photo clearly demonstrates the dramatic advantage of thePolyweld liquid filter bag over conventional sewn seam bags.



KCTC offers Vorex microfiber cartridges in both nominal and absolute micron ratings. KCTC produces the fiber and yarn used to construct our Polywound cartridges.



The KCTC answers to time saving operation in our new Easy Open Lid Vessel. The innovative alternative to opening and closing a filter vessel. The easy open lid is available on bag and cartridge vessels.

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