Liquid Filter Bags

best quality products to suit your industrial needs

We are leading suppliers of filter consumables and equipments to the general process industries like Lubricant Edible Oils, Inks & Dyes, Chemicals & Petrochemicals,
Fertilizers & Petroleums, Paints & Powder Coating, Hot Melt & Waxes, Cement, Food & Dairy Products, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramic and Mortar, Glues & Adhesives, Resins, Flour Mills.

Customized filter bags with our wide selection of woven and non-woven fabrics coupled with our Conversion capabilities from stitching to welding technology, we can design
and fabricate an infinite range of shapes, sizes and configurations to meet your unioque requirements.

Polyweld Monofilament Mesh

Offers high flow rate, long service life and consistent performance.


KCTC Multi-layer Bags

Features 2 or 3 layers of left or mesh material of selected micron ratings. They provide greater depth filteration, contaminents are removed in stages.



The Polymicro seamless design offers precise filteration, product cleanliness, high flow rates and long service lift.


Extended Life

Provides outstaning performance, twice the dirt holding as a standard felt bag, and no-by pass welded seam design.


POMF Filter Bags

This microfiber filter bag provides outstanding performance on contaminant applications where the minimalization of particle travel is important.

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