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By keeping nearly 200,000 of the most common gasket types in all times, we are able to offer immediate delivery on most gasket requests.

Our inventory consists of the 40 most commonly used APV, ALFA LAVAL.

We also keep a select stock of new and refurbished plates for Mueller, Chester Jensen, ITT, and API.


Available materials


High Temp NBR (HNBR)

Food Grade EPDM




Viton G



Non-Food Application

API SCHMIDT Plate Heat Exchangers.

UIC Thin Film & Short Path Distillation System.

KIESELMANN Sanitary Valve, Pipe & Fitting.

WITTE Gear Pump.

EDUR Multi Phase Pump.

HES Spiral Heat Exchanger.

Natural Plant and Thermal Oil Heater, Natural Circulation (High Pressure) Steam Boiler.

Sanitary Pump and Food Processing Equipment



API SCHEMIDT Plate Heat Exchanger

The Unique Corrugation Pattern pressed on to each Schemidt Thermal Plate produces the highest ovaerall heat transfer rate by assuring highly turbulent flow and excellent fluid distribution across the entire surface.

UIC Thin Film and Short Path Distillation System

UIC short path distillation system allows an extreme reduction in operating pressure, resulting in a very low boiling point for gentle separation of substances containing temperature sensitive components or those having a very high boiling point such as Tocopherols, Carotene from Palm Oil, Fish Oils, etc. Thin film evaporators and short path distillators are key UIC system components that enable short residence times for gentler handling of evaporated substances.

NT Plate Heat Exchanger


Higher performance more application and even less investment: the new versatile NT series fulfills the requirement of the industry and sets economical standards for fiture plate heat exchangers.

Higher performance - an optimised plate design which enables your wishes to come true, in that higher heat transfer can be achieved with less surface area. This simply means less investment.

More applications: a universal plate program creates flexibility, through which your requirements can be realised even more accurately.

Quicker maintenance: new gasket and attachment technology making servising easier and provising a firm, perfect fit of gaskets and plates.

The NT series offers every plate type in various lenghts and profile variations that ensures an accurate answer to any requirement.


Your Advantages at a Glance:

High transfer rates

Low investment and services cost 

Optimised Distribution of Media

High Pressure Resistance

Simplified Handling

Quick and Safe Gasket Replacement

Flexible Solutions for Special Requirements

Non-Standard Materials Available

Leading Manufacturer's Know How



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